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Welcome to the list of sites that I monitor

Web email & other properties…
📧 Gmail 📆 Gcalendar✆ Gvoice
• New SMS codes☁ Gdocs• App spec. codes
📧 Comcast
📧 Lonestar
📧 Yahoo!
👍 Facebook
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Inter/National ABC News AFP Al Jazeera The Atlantic BBC World
C-Span CBS News CSMonitor CN Central TV Chosun Ilbo CNN
Democracy Now! Deutsche Welle Economist FOX News France24 The Guardian
Google News Link TV NBC News Xinhua Newser Newsweek
NHK NPR NY Times PRI Reuters RT👎
SCMP SputnikNews👎 TeleSurTV TIME Unfiltered.News USA Today
US News Wash. Post The Week    
Flipboard Good News Latest fm Twtr Newsatlas.io Newsmap Solostop
Twitter trends Very Quiet      
Business Bloomberg CNBC FBNC Inc.com Marketplace
Fact Checking‽👍👎 FactCheck.org PolitiFact PunditFact Snopes Truth/Fiction?
Sports CBS Sports ESPN MLS NFL
Columbus Alive Dispatch WBNS Blue Jackets Clippers
Crew SC OSU Buckeyes Gas prices Symphony craigslist
Jacksonville Action News Orange Park 1st Coast News News 4 WOKV Radio
WJCT FolioWeekly Times-Union Metro Jax Armada FC Axemen
Giants Jaguars Jax Icemen Sharks Jumbo Shrimp Gas prices
Jax Symphony craigslist MeeMee TV TV Jax  
Space NASA SpaceX Boeing Northrop Sierra Nev Corp
Virgin Galactic Russian Space Blue Origin ULA Liftport Skylon/SABRE
Technology OSNN Wired Mag Slashdot NewsFactor APOD
Cnet Techdirt BetaNews.Com Ars Technica Neowin.net WinBeta.Org
Toms Network geeknews.net Spaceflight Now Geek.com Nuke Notebook Image/Day
Timely Pick Science Amazon Goldbox      
Misc Gateworld PopURLs JEA Outage Clay Outage Map

Original Mirror

🌀 ☃ ☔ Weather Reference 🌂 ☀ ⛅
Jacksonville, FL Local
Intellicast Intellicast radar Wunderground Wunderground radar Accuweather
Accuweather radar Weather.com NOAA Long Range Base Base Reflectivity
JustWeather World Buddy WeatherCast Forecast.io WeatherBug
NWS Foreca Forecast Advisor Weather Service Jax Time/date
FL Special Needs Reg.      

US maps WeatherSpark Full Screen Weather NWS NWS β Data Display
StrikeStar Local Weather WeatherNation® MyForecast Lightning Strikes
Storm Report Map Weather View US radar loop Lightning Maps Wind patterns
Wind patterns wttr.in    

Atlantic Hurricane Weather
Delicious marks My Fox Hurricane Nat. Hurr. Center Stormtrack Radar Stormpulse Tracker
Weather.com Trackers Accuweather Wunderground Naval Research Lab CIMSS
Links and Tools Unisys Weather Trop. Model Generation Trop. Cyclone Centers TropicalWX.com
Hurricane info      

Sunset stuff
World Sunlight Map Sunrise, Sunset Calendars Sunrise/set calculator Sun coverage map Sunrise/set Forecast
Calculate sunrise/set

Bryan's stuff - Various places around the Intertubes!
Wordpress Bytehead's blog Linkblog boxhost.me  
BLP.com admin boxhost.me admin Comcast admin    
About.me delicious Disqus FaceBook FictFact Flavors.me
Flickr pictures. Foodspooting Foursquare GoodReads Google+ Huffington Post
ICQ Instagram ItsMyURLs Kinja LinkedIN Pandora
LiveJournal MySpace Quora Tumblr Typepad Wordpress
Vimeo Yelp YouTube Zomato  
Places that I have visited
4Shared AlbumReminder Amaderforum AOL Lifestream Aquarium Advice Awl
Bebo BlinkList BlogDrive Blogger Blogsmith (/food) Boinc
Box.net Camel*3 Cheezburger C|Net (Old) C|Net CMH Uground
Dailymotion DeviantART Diigo Docking@Home Docs.com Dreamwidth.org
Dropbox Public Drudge Retort Dunenovels Engadget Einstein@HOME Epinions
Eventful Feed43 Folkd Fontlab Free-DC FriendFeed
geekhack Google Gravatar Health Central Hi, I'm ImageShack
Img.ly Imgur Intense Debate INTPCentral INTPForum IT Toolbox
Jax.com KeyF11 Kickstarter Kuro5hin last.fm MS Technet
Metro Jax Minus MissingRemote Mozilla Addons My[confined]Space MyPersonality
Netvibes NetVous NeoWin OpenGov Orbit@Home PacemakerClub
PBWorks Pen.io Photobucket Picaso Pinterest PiriForm
Pirillo Powershell Protopage Quotabl.es ReachBy Reddit
Rot. Tomatoes Schemer Scribd Serious Eats SETI@Home Site Hoover
Slash Dot SourceForge StackExchange StumbleUpon Swayable TaDa List
Techdirt Ted.nu (?) tent.is The Verge thisnext Tor
Twitter Userscripts.org‽ The Verge Whateveresque Wikipedia Wikidot.com
Bryan's Wiki Winamp forums Win Secrets Wufoo Xmarks Yahoo! Pipes

InfoWorld Electric Page One EWeek TOM'S HARDWARE GUIDE ActiveWindows .:[packet storm]:.
deviantART! Caedes.net - wallpapers

Space stuff
JPL Solar System Simulator NASA TV via APOD Human Space Flight R/T Tracking space.com
SpaceDaily.Com SpaceRef SpaceNews.com Planetary Resources
Discovery News NBC News Science Daily Florida Today
Basics of Space Flight Technology Review The Space Review Universe Today
Mars Exploration Rover Mission International Marswatch Near-Earth Object Program The 50 Nearest Stars
SpaceWeather.com The Space Elevator The Space Show Atomic Rocket
Today's Space Weather Real Time Satellite Tracking Sloan Digital Sky Survey Military Space News
Aircraft oops! Astronomy - What's UP?? Astrophysics Pic of the Week Apollo Guidance Simulator
Planetarium ISS Tracker Standard Def ISS Camera High Def ISS Cameras
Urthe Cast JWST Webcam Where is the ISS Database of Asteroids
Pluto time Artificial Gravity Calculator Spacehack Stuff in Space
Moon replaced by other planets Sun replaced by other stars Heavens Above Compare planets
3D Starmaps Live Earth Map Google Mars Apollo Archive
Probes around the system Your age on other planets Bryan's spacecraft Notes

Computer Training
No particular order
Tutorials Point Top Coder No Excuse List (List of lists) Khan Academy
Hacker News GitHub Stack Overflow Quora
Exercism Linux books Programming in Go C via Assembly
Ruby on Rails Git jQuery CodeCombat
Learn C Learn Java Learn Python CodeAcademy
Learn Ruby on Rails Try Ruby SQL Zoo tutorials Ruby tutorials
Think Again Discover courses/training  
Other training
Learn Photography Memory Improvement Tips Business Balls

Job Hunting
Job seek organizer Resume screening Compare program languages 13 sites to help you
10 Q's you should ask Career exploration Glassdoor - Job hunting Indeed - Job hunting
My Next Move News about your network Payscale Volunteer

Desktop Starships The Easter Egg Archive Sea Wallpapers

☸ Buddhism - spirituality - Mind[full|less]ness 🌸
Delicious marks Basic Buddhism Guide Church of Reality The Buddhism Net
How to meditate Zen Buddhism Virtual Library How meditation affects your brain Franklin's 13 virtues
Do nothing for 2 minutes 5 Min Meditation Satorio Meditation Kitten cam
Open Puppies

Useful Internet links
Search engines and possible home pages
Google Search Bing Google no affiliates DuckDuckGo Search
Atlasify Starting Page Search F*king Home Page igHome
Start.Me UStart Reference Desk StartMe.com
foks visual search Search Slate Blekko Search Wolfram Alpha
Ask Answers.com Googawho SearchBoth

Google Quick Ref cheat sheet Real Estate search Locally owned locator DrugCite
Jacksonville City Search Columbus City Search Find a place to eat nearby MathWorld
BlackDuck code search Toogle Image Search Gizoogle Social Search
Wolfram Image ID Tech and Programming Text utilities Real-time HTML Editor
HelloFax Ship Finder Plane Finder Airplane Info
Live Air Traffic Cruise Health/safety Car Complaints Offline access 😒
Charity Watch NOT the TV Videos worth watching True image hosting
Schedule a text Flip a coin Count down 60 minutes Online OCR
Who won the?? Find the Company What should I read next? TED talks
Find words Another dictionary FaxZero fax service Price of US stamp
PDP11 emulator in JS Track any package Speed Reader Pizza Coupons/codes
Pizza coupons Cancel that account Find a reporter Photo editor
Come backs Couch surfing Free movies (?) Default router passwords
Search for a manual Flip Text Name Meaning Floating Point
Online speech recog.    
Any Meeting Open Meetings Desk Hop Join Me
Screen sharing Screen Leap Show my PC Skype
Team Viewer Vyew Win Remote Assistance Zoom
Wierdness that makes sense here - Trust me!
Post-Rapture Post The Rapture Index Doomsday Dashboard ACME License Maker
ASCII Generator HexColorCode Met Museum Time -> Color
Ermahgerd! Good VS Evil Just F*ing Do It Landover Baptist
Cool DIY hardware
5-in-1 MultiCable    
Internet Shizznit - Online toolkits
Netcraft All about an URL ICSI Netalyzr AnyClient - Free web FTP
Software Inspector Downdetector VisualRoute Server Visual Ping
ARIN (Look up IP #s) ViewDNS.info Traceroute, Ping, DNS etc. Domain Tools - Whois
traceroute.org CIA - Factbook American Fact Finder Troubleshooting MS Event Logs
RodentNet: IP Tools Google DNS DNS Stuff: DNS tools DNS checker
DNSSEC Analyzer IP Address Locater IP Location Tools IP Chicken - Find your IP Address!
What Is My IP Address? MyIPinfo.net Show and locate IP What is My IP?
FindMeByIP IPBrowser .net 1.3.β Your IP address is: What Is My IP Address?
IcanHazIP Plain IP IP Lookup FreeGeoIP
Dyn Dynamic DNS NoIP Dynamic DNS Support Details Browser details
What's My User Agent? What is my resolution Open port check Internet Speed Test
Speakeasy - Speed Test Speedtest.net - Speed Test Internet Speed Test Speed Test - dslreports.com
CNET Bandwidth Meter PC Pitstop Speed Test ISP Speed Test ISPEEDOMETER - speed test
Broadband Speed Checker Toast.net speed check YouGetSignal Network Tools MX Lookup Tool
Listamatic IP & Reverse DNS Identify fonts/typefaces What Font is
URL Encoding Crack, unprotect Word files Word HTML Cleaner How Secure is my PW
Port Check Who.is Ewhois Mozy Online Backup
Application Access Server WiFi Map Builtwith Whois hosting
Naming Schemes INTP Listserver (intp-list.org) INTP Listserver (vt11.net)
Shorten that link!
Delicious marks Sites to Shorten URLs TinyURL.com Goo.gl
shorlify « shorl.com Metamark - Shorten URLs Free URL Redirection bit.ly - URL shortener
is.gd URL Shortener twirl.at shorten URLs Make It Brief Shrink URLs Use Unicode
Threely Ow.ly tr.im Emojied!
Goo.gl g.co (Google Products only) TO./ Nanourl Shadyurl.com (different!)
Anonymous redirection Fur.ly (Multi) ShareTabs (multi) KeyF11
Online Virii scanners
Delicious marks TrendMicro - Online Scan F-Secure Scanner Virustotal - Free scan
MetaScan Online Multi-engine scanner ESET online scan McAfee FreeScan
Symantec online scan Online malware scan RuBotted MalWare Removal - Downloads
Anti-Malware Toolkit Norton Power Eraser NoVirusThanks TDSSKiller
FileAdvisor SpyDLLRemover Microsoft Scanner Should I remove it?
Ransom Decoder Network Traffic Violation  
Delicious marks Test your IPv6 IPv6 test What is my IPv6
My IP Address Private IPv6 Address range IPv6 Tunnel Broker IPv6 Deploy & Tunnel Broker
IP4 exhaustion Comcast IPv6 Information IPv6 readiness test IP Subnet Calculator/tools
ICSI Netalyzr Reverse IPv6 lookup  
BOINC & SETI - What I was computing
BOINC - Project Master Docking@Home (?) Einstein@Home SETI@Home
Find an ISP
ISPs by zipcode ISPs by map  
VPNs & other usefull sites
Why use a VPN 5 myths of a VPN Private Internet Access
The one I use
DNS Leak Test
VP Net monitor VPN Check Free Free VPN DYI VPN
Stuff you can print
12 Sided Calendar Rulers Graph paper Protractor
Music staff paper Globe Card deck Airplanes
Cards Against Humanity Password gen card (idea!) Free printables Graph paper
Health - Own section later(?)
Sympton Checker List of trusted sites for health Nerd Fitness

Anonymous Chat/Posting
Delicious marks - Anonymous chat We Conspire Encrypted IM Aether
The Onion Router
TOR Project TOR search Anonymous Linux TOR Relay
Delicious marks - Encryption Delicious marks - Hash GPG for Windows Web encryption
OpenPGP for webmail Russian Cryptology Enrypt files to Dropbox Encrypted partition on USB drive
Delicious marks - Encode Delicious marks - Decode AESEncryption/Decryption AES128 Encryption
Base64 encode/decode ASCII85 Decode ASCII85 Encode ASCII85 Encode/Decode
ASCII85 Encoding ASCII85 Encode/Decode Data encoder Hash generator
Misc FOIA requests
NSA FOIA request    
Delicious marks - Password Password gen card
(print your own!)
PasswordMaker HOWTO create a password
Firefox password management

Proxy and proxy lists
TunnelBear Free Anonymous Proxy - Unipeak Public Proxy Servers Proxy 4 Free
► PROXY LIST atomintersoft.com PROXY lists samair.ru Proxy.org - The Proxy Authority PimpMyIP Proxy
Free CGI Proxies Hide My ASS! Free proxy View blocked sites from chool or work Poxy
PHProxy (?) Hide My Ass! VPN EmbedProxy.com - Proxy for your website Use these proxies
Ultra Surf Use Google as proxy Unblocked

Mail, Gmail stuff
Delicious marks Gmail GMail Loader Import your email
2Factor with USB  
Anonymous email
Delicious marks Enkoder Web Form for e-mail MailTo Encoder
How to Avoid Spambots Hidetext.net - Graphic email signatures FilzMail: Your disposable email
Disposable E-Mail Mailinator Sharpmail (and SMS)
Anonymous E-Mail Boxes - disposable Temporary Inbox (?) Free email with RSS/ATOM feed
junk mail fighter Disposable anonymous free email Limited time span email (?)
Melt Mail Temp forwarding MailNesia Trashmail
spamgourmet-free disposable email 10 Minute mail Free anonymous email
GuerrilaMail.com Free Email Providers MintEmail - Disposable Email
Spam Motel Spam.la - Fight spam spamavert.com
Stop spam with Sneakemail 2.0 TempEMail tempomail.fr - anti-spam temp email
Disposable Email to RSS Email protection service Email using contact form
Temp Mail Anonymous Email
Free (or at least it used to be) email
Delicous marks Lycos Mail Bigfoot Email
Hotmail Free POP3 Mail Services Mail.com (Formerly Iname.com)
Tech Email - Free email service FastMail Professional email My public quote signature file
Email Utilities
MIME header decoder Check an email address Email Routemap
Email sig maker

Blog stuff
Legal Guide/Bloggers Advice Line/Bob Lewis Button Maker Blogger Bit 5 Blog (Software)
Feed Validator Atom/RSS FeedBurner Technorati? Blog buttons Graphics and icons
Feedmarker Feed reader Blog Meets Map Button Maker Blog editor Writer - Windows Live
Hex Color Code Generator Placekitten Placehold.it  
RSS stuff
RSS for local weather RSS Cache Search for feeds Flow Reader The Old Reader

Windows Tips
PCDecrapifier Decrap Restore default file associations DriverPacks
Fix unresponsive Explorer window Tech Support Guy Network Monitoring Tools Nu2 Productions Website
Windows XP File Assocation Fixes Woody's Watch WinSrvr 2008 Wrkstn Conv Stardock - Wincustomize - BootSkin
BootSkins Library

Software and files
Ninite - Install without crap Scientific Calculator SharewareJunkies (Old?) Mozilla Stuff
The File Extensions File Extensions Windows Site Bart's bootable CD-DVD BootDisk Downloads
DllFiles Live Linux CDs Microsoft PowerToys for XP FIGlet - hosted by PLiG
Src-Highlite Webware - alt.comp.freeware TrueCrypt Disk Encryption UK Nat. Archives - File Formats
File format info & conversions CoolArchive - Clipart/fonts/icons… FTP Syncronization Minimalist Remote Access Kit
Portable USB Apps Portable Freeware Collection Portable apps world Lup PenSuite: Portable apps
Find and Replace tool Chocolatey Tiny Apps Old versions of software
Scrtchpd - Note taking Remove restrictions from PDFs Dank's Boot and Nuke Favicon from URL
Favicon CSS tricks Code Editor Open Source Projects dupeGuru
My Abandonware Strip HTML Save/Edit PDFs online PDF to Word
PDFedit library Text Editor uBlock ad blocker Clip Converter
Free software Online Texteditor Unicode Checker All sorts of online calculators
Mozilla Webmaker Convert anything to anything Compress/opt. graphics Send future email to self
Convert Youtube to GIF Crop your photos Online Converter Zamzar - Free file conversion
Convert files and data online WinFF - Video Converter Cool Text Online Photo Editor
Convert to PDF Save apps/settings Free book downloads Free graphics & stuff
Your name → face Project Gutenberg Malware Museum All you can read
Happy Lorem Lipsum Book Bub

BitTorrent stuff - Stale links are guaranteed with whackamole
Public tracker search Mirrors of torrent sites isoHunt h33t Demonoid.com
BTbot - BitTorrent Search MiniNova Torrentz.com DiggTorrents.com MyEpisodes.com
Ares P2P sharing BtGhost.com Hosting BitTorrent.com Bittorrent search Site Status
Verified Torrents EZTV - TV Torrents Online BTDigg YTS Ebooks 1
Ebooks 2 Ebooks 3 Check for legal action Unblock torrent sites

Radio Station Sites/Apps
iHeart Radio TuneIn.com Streema Radio and TV On Radio
Jacksonville Radio Stations — FM
WJBT 93.3 the Beat (Hip Hop) Jack FM WQIK 99.1 (Country) V1015 (R&B)
WOKV 104.5 (Talk) 105.3 WJXR (Sports) x102.9 New rock Radio Now 97.9
969 The Eagle WJGL (Classic Rock) 96.1 (Top 40) WAPE 95.1 The Ape (Hits) WSOS 94.1(?)
St. Augustine radio (99.5, WSOS‽) WJXR 92.1 (Latin) Planet Radio (Rock)
Columbus Radio Stations — FM
X 106.7 (Alternative) Radio 105.7 WBWR (C Rock) WCOL 92.3 (Country) Oldies 93.3
WNCI97.9 (Hits) QFM-96 WLVQ 96.3 (C Rock) 99.7 The Blitz K 95 @107.1 (Country)
WOSU 89.7 OSU (Public) K 95 (Country) Sunny 95 - 94.7 (Adult Ctp.) 97.1 (Sports)
WCBE 90.5 (Public) Radio U (Christian?)  
Other Radio Stations — FM
101one JFRR - Orlando Rock News 965 Orlando 95.7 WHOG Daytona's C Rock Lake Charles Rock
Mississippi WCPR Rock TK101 95.5 Savanah 107.7 Georgia
104.7 Hinesville GA KISW 99.9, Seattle Groove Radio KRQR 106.7 Zrock
Z-ROCK 103 Z-Rock 99.3 Z-ROCK 102.5 Q104.3 Classic Rock
Above are what I tend to listen to

The World's Greatest Recipe Collection RECIPES | Recipe Goldmine Indian Recipes - Non vegetarian
The Indian Food Guide The Worldwide Gourmet RecipeSource - Copycat Recipes
Recipezaar - Where the Recipes Are Food Network Kiplog's Foodblog - links
Cooking for Engineers Give a list of ingrediets, get a recipe

Delicious marks Quivira font Free Fonts from FontShop FontEditor
dafont.com Free New Fonts - Acid Fonts Iconsolata mono font Download Free Fonts
Better Fonts WhatTheFont! Find Font Fonts & Things DaFONT :: Top 100 downloads
Fontifier - Your handwriting font Alien Fonts Info & Links The Font Pool The Font Thing
Fontalicious! Abstract Fonts 12K+ Fonts Blue Vinyl Fonts FlamingText.com: Fonts
Font Diner - Retro fonts Killer Fonts Icon font Icon fonts
More fonts Font Modulator FontSpace FontStruct
1001 Free Fonts Font Squirrel UrbanFonts Creamundo free fonts
Beautiful Fonts Free fonts Create Glyph fonts PC Fonts
Convery Belt Font Hack  
Icon Fonts generator

☁ Online storage ☁
Sending large files never got easier! Flickr photo storage Photobucket photo storage Humyo - Online File Storage
Unlimited Mail Box SugarSync 2GB Free Free anonymous file hosting Free Online Backup
Share a file for 24 hours. OneDrive Google Docs Box
Dropbox OneTimeBox

Android (ha!)
No more V3…
XDA Developers Phonerocket comparison Where's my phone? Google location history Clear Cache
Android Apps      
Phone Number Geolocator Zfone project - crypto for your VOIP TMBG ringtones Call the Future Free SMS
Pinger Free SMS

⚙ 👓 Programming 💾 🚧
HTML Quick List - HTML Code Tutorial Wotsit.org - The File & Data Resource PHP Tutorials
MySQL Cheat Sheet Genii Software | WebEditors DHTML and JavaScript code library
DevZoo - Free Editors Compilers… Essential bookmarks for web-designers Web 2.0 javascript
Prettyprinter.de for C,PHP,Java,Perl,CSS… Programmer's Cheat Sheet JS Beautifier
Icon converter Convert VBS to Powershell 404 error handling
More 404 error handling REGEX debugging

💻 Computer Shopping ⌨ — This is NOT an endorsement!
Most I have dealt with
Order is random & I do not profit from these links
Delicious marks Netvous marks      
PC Part Picker Pangoly - Build a PC PC Hound - Build a PC Monoprice PriceGrabber PriceWatch
ComputerShopper Shopper.com Woot BargainJack One Day Buys Deal of the Day
Daily Steal Fat Wallet Spoofee Dealsplus Slickdeals NewEgg
Amazon Buy.com FocalPrice TechForLess Jinx (clothing) Microcenter
Fry's Shop4Tech Dealnews.com
- Editors choice
Tiger Direct Deal of the
Day Tracker
MeritLine NCIX (US) 1Sale Coupon Codes Laptop bags Coupon codes
Amazon outlet Shop Genius directron.com PCMall Ambry ProVantage
Compare products

Misc. reference
SyFy Channel AIN'T IT COOL Cool Quotes User Manual Guide

Lyric/Album cover sites
LyricWiki - Use Right2Click Lyrics Depot Song Quotes SongMeanings | music song lyrics
lyricsfly.com MusicBrainz Metro Lyrics Lyrics
A-Z Lyrics Universe Album CD DVD covers  

Other Sound
The Daily .Wav Frogstar .wav archive Celeb Prank Phone Calls Theme songs
Freesounds Listen to Wiki Coffee shop ambient MP3 Diags
MP3 Validator Background Noise Online voice recorder Wildlife sounds
Nasa Audio Museum of Endgrd Sounds Nature sounds

Debt To the Penny Contact the FCC B-berg world currencies B-berg.com Energy Prices

Aquarium stuff
Stocking calculator The Planted Tank Aquarium Moss

Youtube meditation…
Maniac Watermark Someone like you Electra
Pure Shores Please don't go We can fly Strawberry Swing
Canzonetta Polar Icebreak idling Weightless

Youtube references…
Enterprise Bridge Sounds It's my party It's a faaaaaake! TROLOLOLOLOLOL
Troll! You're one ugly MF… That's a joke son! Lumberjack Song
Smack my b* up! Toccata & Fugue Toccata & Fugue Harp Remove cat before flight
It's just a fantasy! Trump! China! Trump! China! Bass cover Fascinating!
Spam! The Happy Song If I only had a brain! Do not click!!! ☡☣☢

Keyword searches from Bryan's bookmarks
et — Search ExtraTorrentspb — Pirate Bay search
tvrss — Search #tvrss.netrartv — Search rarbg.com for TV
amazon — Search Amazonebay — Search Ebay
pw — Pricewatch search
gg — Search Google Groupsgi — Search Google Images
gm — Search Google Mapsgn — Search Google News
go — Search Google Webgs — Search Google Sets
gt — Search Google by dategtr — Google Translate
youtube — Search YouTubeplay — search Android store
Network Stuff
arin — Search Arin (IP #s)down — Down for everyone or just me?
whois — whois search via domaintools.com
bing — Bingy — Yahoo!
amo — addons.mozilla.orgddgo — DuckDuckGo search
ask — Ask searchdemon — Demonoid.pw
dict — Dictionary searchext — Search FilExt
imdb — Search Internet Movie DataBaselyric — Search Lyrics Depot
music — Search Google for musicmythica — Search Encyclopedia Mythica
ol — Onelook dictionaryorient — search Encyclopedia of the Orient
php — PHP.net Searchps — Powershell Google Search
rogets — Thesaurus searchwebster — Search Merriam Webster
wiki — Search wikipedia.comepi — Episode search on Wikipedia
wolf — Search Wolframurban — Urban Dictionary

Special Character Lists/Emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bryan's list All the unicode W3 HTML 5 list XHTML Char Entity Ref
Unicode Charts &what; Symbols, other All sorts of info
No Tengo Enie ✿ Copy Paste Character Emojipedia Emojicons
A list from chami.com Entity refs in HTML 4 Unicode Characters ISO 8850-1 Ref
HTML XHTML Entities XML and HTML character entity refs Unicode table nice entity
Some more from MeFi UTF8 Unicode to HTML Unicode Character Search Disapproval Look
Campfire/Github cheatsheet Emoji Tracker Emoji Party Homoglyphs

IM on the web
AIM ICQ (?) E-Buddy (¿MSN?, Y!, AIM) IM+ Web (All)

Bryan's old saved Firefox extensions (3.6.xx)

Bryan's saved Firefox extensions (6.x+)

Bryan's saved Firefox extensions (Nightly) to catch up with the installed version. (:

Bryan's saved and synced Firefox extensions. Should be the latest and greatest now, from 11.0 on up. ☺ (especially now that I have a working version of the extension that does this…)

If you don't like everything opening up in a new window/tab, you can just drag the link to the location bar to open it up in the same windows.

This is copyrighted © by nobody, this is simply a list (of lists?) that cannot be copyrighted. It technically isn't even in the public domain.

This is not an SEO. This is my list of sites for my personal use. I do not exchange links, and I only add links that I find a personal use for. So unless you have compelling content for me, don't bother sending me your link. I will mark it as spam for Google.